Longrich White Tea Toothpaste 200g


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1. White Tea Essence
2. Xylitol
3. TSC Antiseptic
4. Hydrated Silica
5. Strontium Chloride
6. Aloe Extract
7. Calcium
8. Menthol
9. Flouride-Free

1. The white essence and xylitol reinforce the root of the teeth and prevent tooth decay.
2. The TSC antiseptic and soft silicon abrasive is deep cleansing and gives fresh breath.
3. It strengthens the gum and gives the teeth ability to take any type of food and drinks, cold or hot, sweet or acidic.
4. It has ability to stop gum bleeding.
5. It can gradually dissolve hardened dental plaque and stubborn stain.
6. It is anti-cavity, that is, it prevents teeth from having holes and can refill existing holes.


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