Longrich Alkaline Pi Cup


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Water that is filtered by the Pi-cup has a pH value in the range of weak alkalinity. Pi-cup activates water quality and the water provides the following benefits for the body:
1. It clears acidic waste from the body and improves the body’s acidic environment.
2. Strong penetration and good Solubility, easily absorbed, improves body micro-circulation and promotes metabolism.
3. It helps to enhance immunity and delay ageing process.
4. It supplies more active hydrogen for the body and eliminate excess free radicals.
5. It also effectively gives the sufficient amount of zinc needed to the body.
6. Other supplements, minerals and trace elements are supplied to the body according to the most appropriate proportion needed.
7. The pi-cup water is rich in anions, which carries more oxygen for the body.
8. It also helps activate cells, enhance water quality and taste.
9. It eliminates chlorine from water thereby preventing human body from the damage caused by chlorine toxicity.
10. It contributes to a healthy heart.
11. It gets rid of body toxins and fight infection.
12. The Pi-cup water helps significantly in the treatment of the following medical conditions:
a) High blood pressure
b) Prostate enlargement
c) Asthma
d) Cancer
e) Fibroid
f) Stomach ulcer
g) Diabetes

Do not use water from the Pi Cup to take medicine.
Drink water from the Pi Cup 30 minutes before or after medication


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